We all deserve a good laugh now and again. Don’t you agree? I just couldn’t resist ripping off Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes for my weekly Friday post. This one was funnier than usual as he pokes fun at the Red Sox and Yankees for their recent brawl. Please take a few minutes to watch Jimmy’s Thank You Notes. My Thank You Notes do not come with the catchy background piano so just feel free to hum it to yourself as you read my notes below.


Thank you… Friday for giving me a reason to wake up this morning. P.S. Tell Monday to go step on a Leg.

Thank you… Warner Brothers for making a movie (The Meg) featuring two of my favorite things in the world, sharks and actor Jason Statham and for ensuring that I never swim in the ocean again. We finally have definitive proof that Jason Statham can destroy any creature on Earth.

Thank you… Chick-fil-A for never being open on Sunday and for always tricking me into thinking that I am eating healthy on my cheat day. Just for the record, best lemonade on the planet!

Thank you… Dodge Durango for having transmission problems again this week and forcing me to miss my haircut. I too think Matt from AAMCO is a great guy but I don’t want to see him every three months.

Thank you… cable company for giving me over 300 channels. I still can’t find a damn thing that I want to watch.

Thank you… woman with two large dogs who was hogging the entire sidewalk during my 5am morning run today. I’m pretty sure that you felt the urge to move over a bit but apparently the urge passed. I hope karma slaps you in the face before someone else does.

Thank you…Chris from Sheffield England who “sarcastically” referred to me as a “happy wanker” in response to my Facebook post about exercise and running. This is officially my first time being called a wanker and I gotta say that it feels pretty special.