Game Review 5/27/2018: Code Lyoko – Quest For Infinity 

Code Lyoko was easily one of my favorite shows in my young teenage years, so naturally when I saw this at a GameStop; I just HAD to have it. As this is my first review, I’ll explain how I do this. I will talk about the story, the gameplay, and then after that, anything else I want to mention. After which I will say if it’s worth a buy, you should rent it, or just skip it entirely. Now with all that out of the way, let’s get started. This game follows the same plot as the TV show, the basic premise is that some teenagers stumble across a super computer in a factory, housing within it a virtual world created by a man named Franz Hopper. This world is also home to an evil program by the name of X.A.N.A, so the teens go into this world on a regular basis to stop X.A.N.A’s evil plan. If you have seen the TV show, there should be no issue with understanding anything. Any newcomers though, would struggle to see what’s what and who’s who. As for the gameplay, it consists of you wandering about Kadic Academy (the school the teens go to) before going to the factory to enter a mission. Once in the virtual world, Lyoko, you can actually start to play. You have a choice of playing as any of the 4 teens at any time. Odd, Ulrich, Yumi, and Aelita. That said there are some characters that make others obsolete. I’ve always found Odd and Aelita the most useful, as they play pretty much the same. Every mission you basically walk and mow down every enemy in your way till the end of the level. Sadly, this gets quite repetitive after a while, even when they show off a new enemy. The bosses were really the most creative the game ever got, as you can only hurt them a certain way. When I think of this game, I think of all the missed opportunities. The show had so much material to work with, and yet so little of it actually carries over. The most fun I had was the boss fights against William, one of X.A.N.A’s signature warriors, and even then, they use him sparingly. One level he showed up in a cut scene to blow up a bridge and then nothing. Plus, the show also had parts where the lyoko gang fought X.A.N.A’s attack as it happened in the real world. Like battling a polymorphic specter, a superhuman creature that can look like anyone, that said, and the teens don’t have any powers in the real world, so I guess making something out of that would be difficult. If you’re a Code Lyoko fan who really wants to relive the nostalgia, I’d say a rent should be good. But for anyone else, you should skip it.

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